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Sustainability at Argyll
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Sustainability at Argyll

We aim to enhance and sustain the natural heritage and biodiversity for visitors to our holiday parks through a process of positive management.

David Bellamy Award

David Bellamy awards are gained by holiday parks which show that they work to protect and enhance Britain’s natural environment. This work can range from the creation and conservation of wildlife meadows and woodlands to the construction of eco–lodges, energy saving schemes and environmental awareness events.

Our caring and responsible policies are good news for both conservation and for holidaymakers, and have led to the achievement of Gold David Bellamy awards at six of our parks.

Hydro Power

Demand for renewable energy continues to remain high profile in the media, with all of us being encouraged to look at alternative, sustainable ways to produce energy. However, the championing of renewable energy is not a new concept for Argyll Holidays. Early vision on the part of the Directors, in 1986, saw the installation of a small scale hydro scheme at Lochgoilhead. The scheme has successfully serviced Drimsynie Estate with electricity since, and today it continues to produce ‘green energy’ with excess production being fed back into the national grid.

Hot tubs powered by hydro power at Argyll
Hot tubs powered by hydro power at Argyll

Biomass Heating

A biomass system was chosen by us to provide an alternative to fossil fuel heating, to fit with the sustainable ethos of the company and to ensure continuity of low running costs.

Moving to a long-term, green and sustainable practice is essential if we are to rebuild our economy, improve our quality of life and protect our natural environment. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do - from the day to day running of our holiday parks to purchasing local goods and services - we aim to lead by example.

Keith Campbell


The last few years has seen the installation of a high specification Froeling 320kw biomass boiler at both Hunters Quay and Drimsynie Estate Holiday Villages.  The boilers have a fuel demand: of approximately 250 tonnes per annum of seasoned wood fuel for each site. Supplied locally, the fuel is fed into the boilers via underground fuel stores built to enable easy delivery from a standard trailer.

Pool covers

The installation of 5mm Maxi-therm pool and hot tub covers at Hunters Quay Holiday Village has allowed us to reduce our heat loss and dehumidification needs substantially.

With the pools not in use for at least 8 hours every night, there was no need to maintain heating and ventilation regimes suitable for daytime occupancy and usage.  Installing pool covers enabled us to reduce our night-time energy usage giving us an overall cost saving of about 25%.